Hey guys!

This is my very first post, hence i shall give a brief introduction about myself and this blog. I am just an ordinary girl who loves fashion and hopes to share my fashion tips and ideas to the world. I am neither those types of tumblr girls who are extremely photogenic nor am i those girls who loves taking cool photos. In fact, i would not call myself the popular dream girl many aspires to be. I am just me, a 19-years old Asian girl who aspires to be a blogger.

If i can only use a word to describe myself, it would be fun! i love hanging out with friends and even bingewatching Supernatural. On top of that, i am a sucker for korean dramas and their sob stories. I am an indonesian girl currently studying in UCLA (california). However, i have lived my whole life in Singapore, so i guess I’m a mix of everything.

Lastly, this blog is basically a platform for me to share my beauty/fashion tips to all of you, more directed towards Asian girls. Also, i will occasionally post random posts on life in general too! I’m really excited to be starting this blog.




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