Different types of fashion in different countries (Asian Edition)

Hey Guys!

I’m really sorry for the late post! I’ve been traveling to China, HK, Macau and many other places during the past two weeks and fell really sick. Hence, i was unable to write much. But now I’m back in action and will start writing again.

As a frequent traveler, I’m sure many of us have noticed how different fashion can be in other countries. Even neighboring countries like Singapore and Indonesia have completely different sense of fashion! When I’m traveling, i always have the mindset to “Do what the Roman does in Rome” as i would like to blend in with the crowd and not attract unnecessary attention in a foreign country! Hence, this post will be about all the different types of fashion in the various countries i have often traveled to. With this information, i hope that everyone would be more informed on what kind of clothes to bring when you go to these countries while traveling!

P.S : the fashion style I’m covering is the casual street style and is my own interpretations of fashion.Also, none of the pictures are mine:)

  1. Korea

Now for those who have read my previous post, you will know that I’m in love with Korean make up products and fashion too! So far, i found that the Korea fashion is my favorite.

The Korean fashion generally follows the K-pop fashion, hence the picture of fx really says it all. Their style is more casual and plain, meaning their outfits are less colorful and patterned. Some staples in their wardrobes would be a jersey jacket, shades and a cool snapback. During the winter, a pair of warm fuzzy cardigan is a classic to keep warm. Most of their outfits tend to be black& white.

Of course, their classic shoes are casual sporty looking shoes.

Recommended Korean online shopping: Yesstyle


2. Japan

The Japanese fashion is a whole other world! Instead of going for the cool sporty look, they tend to go for the cute and fluffy vibe. There is no better or worse, it’s just a matter of preference. Basically, anything kawaii is a necessity there.


Their outfits tend to be more colorful, patterned and have frills. A pastel-colored cardigan is also a staple especially for the cold weather in Japan. For a more sophisticated look, they love to go for the fedora hats (which i love!) . Their classic shoe is the lace up boots with frilly socks. And of course, everything is pastel-colored!


3. Hong Kong

When you enter HK, be prepared to be amazed by their stylish outfits. Not only that, literally everyone walking around there is dressed so well and amazing. They definitely live up to their name as a home to many fashion outlets.

HK loves anything fashionable and keeps up to the trends every year. Thus, their style is ever-changing. They love anything ranging from colorful to black&white, patterned or plain. However, one thing for sure is that they love to have a pop of color in their shoes. And one of their staple shoes is the colorful, patterned high tops. If you go to HK, you will find gazillions of stores selling those types of shoes. They even have one with a HK flag logo on it!

Recommended HK shopping places: Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong kok

4. Mainland China

We definitely cannot skip China! They have a very casual, t-shirt oriented kind of fashion. Due to my dad’s business, i often travel to ShenZhen with him. I was very surprised by the huge shopping district that they have and how fashionable their clothes can be!

Their fashion is very casual and often involves different styles of t-shirt. If you think that there is only one type of t-shirt, you are certainly wrong! China sells so many types of t-shirts with so many different patterns. And they love colorful and patterned clothing. However right now, China is going through the craze of slip-on shoes. They come in every shape, colors and patterns! It has a definitely become a staple shoes in every Chinese girl’s wardrobe. I even bought one from China and it looks gorgeous!

Recommended Shenzhen shopping places:Luo Hu, Lao Jie

Evernote Camera Roll 20160718 032659(6)


5. Singapore

Having been living in Singapore for a really long time, i am speechless at the Singapore fashion. Despite being a little red dot, they have a very different types of fashion. Personally, this is one of my favorite casual fashion style.

shorts, SHorts, SHORTS! That is the key word to Singapore’s fashion. Due to the hot, humid weather, everyone literally walks around with shorts, especially high-waisted ones. Hence, having shorts of different colors and types is a must in Singapore. They prefer darker colors like burgundy as compared to bright pastel ones. On a casual day, it would be just a crop top and high-waisted shorts as these are a must to have. On more formal days, it would be a button-down chiffon top and high-waisted shorts again!

As for shoes, it would either be a chunky black boots or everyone’s best friend, converse!

Recommended SG shopping places:Bugis Street, Far East Plaza

Evernote Camera Roll 20160718 032659(7)1c3adf8356553d1fea3ae6b9e8dc0786

5. Indonesia/ Jakarta.

I certainly won’t forget my home country! Indonesia’s fashion is the complete opposite of Singapore’s. Instead of going for the casual shorts look, they love the formal sophisticated look. And when i  mean formal, it is REALLY FORMAL. Now don’t  get me wrong. I do love it! It is just a different type compared to others.

When you walk into the malls in Jakarta(especially Plaza Indonesia), be prepared to be awed by their fashion. In Jakarta malls, everyone mostly dress in chiffon clothing, formal pants/skirt and certainly no t-shirts. They would be holding a branded bag, branded shoe and wearing thick make up. it is an entirely different type of fashion, but yet still pleasing and classy. A staple for us Indonesians would be various colored chiffon tops, cute formal pants and skirts. Indonesians prefer plain outfits with the exception of floral prints. Floral prints is a must-have.

As for shoes, no sports shoe or sneakers please. It can only be heels or our favorite flats!

Recommended Jakarta shopping places: ITC Mangga Dua, Central Park

Evernote Camera Roll 20160718 032700(1)Evernote Camera Roll 20160718 032700

That is all guys for the Asian edition. I will be posting the USA edition one in a few days so please do look forward to it! If you guys have any suggestions or anything to be added, please do pm me on Instagram or comment below!

Thanks for reading:)


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