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A Fashion Junkie, Foodie and Sherlockians

A little bout myself:

I am really just an ordinary asian girl who loves fashion. Ever since i remembered, I’ve lived my whole childhood in Singapore. I was more of the “ugly duckling” kind of girl who loves to read books and never had much friends. The common asian family stereotypes clearly applies to me too as my parents were academic junkies. So of course, i was the typically straight ‘A’s student. However in turn, i did not have much of a social life back then.

When i moved to Bay area and further my studies in Foothill College, my life changed (yes, im still going to use this cliche haha). At first, i thought that the environment in America made me more outgoing, cheerful and optimistic. However, i realized that i had went to America with the mindset that i hated my life back in Singapore and wanted to change. I don’t want to be that nerdy, loner Asian girl anymore. I want to have friends and enjoy life. That was how i completely changed my perspective in life.

Of course, studies is still number one to my family, but i learned to juggle my time and invested on my appearance more. This was when i completely fell in love with fashion. As i slowly seep into the world, i began to watch YouTube videos, follow fashion ig, read fashion blogs and try different clothing and makeup. As a girl with low self esteem, fashion enabled me to find sanctuary and feel more confident in my own skin. I truly broke out of my shell then.

Hence, i started this blog as a way to express my passion and reach out to the fashion community all over the world.


Traveling, eating, watching movies and of course, fashion!!


Bean sprouts and clowns.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me through the comment section or PM me on IG. I would love to get to know anyone better! Don’t worry i don’t bite!

Instagram: natalywijono




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